Hot Tub Cartridge Filter Maintenance – What You Don’t Know Could Hurt You

Scorching Tub house owners, I believed it might be good to start out by describing a process that’s typically ignored and dear over time. I am speaking about upkeep of your spa’s cartridge filter. In the event you do not already know, cartridge filters are a cylindrical formed, pleated polyester that’s certain at high and backside by molded plastic. Filters are often situated in a “bay” or “compartment” on inside or high a part of your spa’s shell. Generally they’ve a “weir” or “basket” that covers the opening the place the water consumption is as to entice the biggest particles earlier than it even reaches the cartridge filter.

The cartridge filter manufacturer of your spa acts because the lungs of your sizzling tub, filtering out all of the stable particles that develops or enters your sizzling tub so retaining it working accurately is vital. Together with the skimmer basket (in case your spa has one) the cartridge filter is the one mechanical methodology your sizzling tub has to scrub the water. In most sizzling tubs the complete quantity of water will go by means of the filter many instances per hour. So a grimy filter will go much less water and finally enhance your upkeep wants. With a clogged filter your spa water will be hazy, boring, inexperienced and smelly. You’ll use extra chemical compounds, have to scrub your spa extra, run a elevated threat for illness and irritation, put added stress in your gear and finally take pleasure in your sizzling tub much less. To accurately clear and keep your spa’s cartridge filter you have to solely a small period of time, a couple of family instruments, a cleaner or two and the data you be taught right here.

The very first thing you need to resolve is the schedule that your filter can be cleaned. Most producers recommend cleansing the filter three to 4 instances a yr. This can be adequate in case your spa is used just a few instances a month however in the event you use your tub greater than that, I like to recommend a partial cleansing twice a month (at the very least as soon as a month) and an intensive cleansing 4 to 6 instances per yr. Now that feels like loads however if you see how simple a number of the steps are you can be stunned. The profit to your sizzling tub operations and diminished price for you’ll repay significantly for the time spent cleansing. The truth is, there isn’t any one factor you are able to do in your sizzling tub maintenance that has extra worth.

To scrub your filter you have to a couple of provides. A few of these provides I am certain you will have already got round your own home and even subsequent to the recent tub. You will want a 5 gallon bucket, backyard hose with sprayer nozzle, plastic scrub brush (I just like the lengthy deal with fashion) and a bottle of filter cleaner/de-greaser. Bear in mind to show you sizzling tub off earlier than you take away the filter for cleansing because the suctions concerned together with your spa’s circulation may very well be very harmful with out the filter in place.

The partial cleansing that you need to do each different week may be very simple. All it’s good to do is pull the filter from the spa and set it on the bottom, deck, so on. Then take the hose and nozzle and spray off the filter in a with the stream tilting diagonally down in a high down sweeping movement. You can be spraying the nozzle within the “valley” of every pleat forcing the particles to the underside after which off the filter because it hits the plastic ring. As soon as you have gone all the best way across the circumference of the cylinder, return the filter to the spa and switch the facility on. Confirm the bathtub is working correctly and your all achieved. Easy huh! The extra in depth cleanings are a bit of extra time consuming however not far more precise give you the results you want.

To finish a extra aggressive cleansing, begin by rinsing off the filter such as you’ve been doing each different week. Then put the filter in to the bucket and add some filter cleansing answer following the bottle’s label and high off the remainder of the bucket with water. Then depart the filter alone to soak for 4-6 hours or extra. It is OK if all of the filter would not match within the bucket below the water. Simply flip the filter over on the half method level of soaking. After soaking the filter, take your scrub brush and scrub the filter pleats up and right down to dislodge particles. Type of like your brushing your tooth. Then rinse off the filter very effectively earlier than returning it to the spa to be used. Be sure to get all of the cleaner off the filter earlier than you set it in your spa or you should have a bubble bathtub of grand proportions. After flip in your spa and ensuring it is all working regular, your all achieved. Easy as that!

So do not delay cleansing your filter since you assume it is an excessive amount of work. Simply remember that in the event you clear it a bit of extra typically it will likely be loads simpler every time and your spa can be simpler and cheaper to take care of. That goes an extended option to making your sizzling tub much more comfy and supplying you with peace of thoughts.


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