Metaphysical Development & Disciplines Part 1

The Want for a Guru

Within the religious, metaphysical path, varied disciplines and workouts are carried out to help the awakening and the unfoldment of the schools and virtues of the divinity inside. To attune with the Larger Self, one is required to endure the method of purification and to carry-out meditative workouts. Meditation, focus, visualizations, chanting, esoteric rituals, and different religious disciplines are utilized as aids on the trail of religious and metaphysical improvement. To be able to tread the metaphysical path a religious instructor or Guru is indispensable as a way-shower. The Guru or Adept having been on the religious path for a few years, or for the higher a part of his/her life, and even for a number of lifetimes is certified to information the enthusiastic aspirant. Treading the religious path alone with out outdoors help and steering is a tough process. Just a few nice souls are ready to do that. Nevertheless, it ought to be famous that in keeping with custom and occult revelation, even nice souls like Jesus and the Prophet Muhammad had Guru-Chela relationships with Non secular Masters, each bodily and non-physical. Exterior religious preceptors are right here to “push” or inspire the aspirant, simply because the interior divine Grasp is current inside our beings to “pull” us inwards, to assist us gravitate in direction of the Internal Gentle.

Studying from books has its disadvantages; firstly, one is unable to bask within the presence of a Guru. A real Guru radiates highly effective energies that stimulate slumbering souls in his quick neighborhood. The Grasp’s aura prompts the energy-level of these round him to step-up in frequency. By consistently being within the presence of a Guru one step by step transforms one’s microcosmic automobiles to the next expression. One accelerates spiritually by being within the proximity of a Non secular Preceptor. It is sort of a magnet that induces iron bits to turn into magnetized simply as it’s just by the affiliation.

Secondly, books don’t present all the keys or information essential that will open metaphysical doorways to increased worlds or to increased states of consciousness. Many keys are omitted in books. Thirdly, books hardly current a two-way interplay {that a} Guru-Chela relationship provides. From these three factors (and there are extra) it may be seen how essential it’s to have a Approach-Bathe. Real religious/metaphysical lecturers usually are not simply discovered or met. One meets an actual Non secular Information partially due to religious advantage. There’s an occult saying, “When the coed is prepared the Grasp seems.” The coed has to organize himself for the Grasp’s creation by attaining a sure soul-level, by religious works and examine. It ought to be realized, nevertheless, that these people passing themselves off as Non secular Gurus and Metaphysical Masters are hardly what they declare themselves to be. Right here lies the issue for the occult tyro–how to discern the true Grasp from the “false prophet,” or the wolf in sheep clothes and the true Shepherd of the Spirit yoga mythology course online.

Within the conventional teachings of Christianity we’re advised that St.Peter, one of many Apostles of Christ, guards the portals to the Kingdom of Heaven. He holds inside his arms varied keys that will unlock the gate and permit the soul to move the brink and enter right into a world of heavenly delight, to a land the place one might pluck and eat the fruits of the Tree of Life. The typical Christian interprets this educating actually. In reality, that is merely an allegory, an esoteric principle referring to the precept {that a} Non secular Guru or Murshid, (St.Peter) is critical to information one’s religious improvement. The Non secular Guru holds and preserves the keys of metaphysical (mystical/magickal) improvement. By making use of the keys (the cosmic legal guidelines and religious rules) that the Guru transmits to his disciples, it might be attainable to accumulate a religious consciousness (the Kingdom of Heaven) and eat the fruits of the Tree of Life (a relentless consciousness of 1’s immortality).

Within the early days of Christianity, “clergymen” functioned as Gurus and never merely as preachers. Within the centuries that adopted, the priesthood misplaced the keys to Heaven due to their corruption and degeneration. They subsequently grew envious of those who did possess the keys, the gnosis or religious, esoteric information. This was one of many components that instigated the assault of the orthodoxy upon the Christian sects referred to as Gnostics. These Gnostics had been the custodians of the key, esoteric, religious teachings of the Essenes, the Grasp Jesus and the opposite divine avatars.

Now it ought to be realized that not all Non secular Gurus are of the identical evolutionary stage. They’re of assorted initiatory grades. Some Gurus supply their providers particularly to the lots, to the common particular person on the road; others are right here on the bodily airplane to assist higher-evolved individuals, or these of disciple standing to achieve the primary and second planetary initiation. Not often do we discover Gurus who’re actual Adepts and Masters guiding those that have heard the decision of the soul to achieve liberation, enlightenment, and the ascension. Every one that is taken with metaphysical and religious tradition will discover himself on the doorstep of the Guru most acceptable to his current state of soul improvement. When he grows spiritually to a sure level with the steering of his Preceptor, he might ultimately discover himself being led to different Gurus of a better grade or totally different ray-ashram for additional esoteric directions or for growing a unique soul-quality..

Metaphysical Growth

Within the Path of metaphysical improvement it might be advantageous and worthwhile for the religious aspirant to check the religious teachings of assorted religions and philosophies. Something that will assist refine one’s soul-character and develop one’s metaphysical information is helpful. The coed ought to be equally snug learning the teachings of Alchemy or Zen. By the exploring of assorted teachings we don’t indicate that one ought to construct one’s religious philosophy upon the muse of syncretism. This is able to hardly work if we attempt to combine the superficial, dogmatic features of faith. What we wish college students of metaphysics to probe is the essence or core of religions, again to the supply of all religions, or to the Gupta Vidya–the Ageless Teachings. Within the Previous Testomony, as an illustration, we had been admonished by God to stroll the traditional paths (Jeremiah 6:16). This “historic path” is an esoteric time period for the Ageless teachings, or the Historic Knowledge. Followers of the “New Age” motion might think about the revelations acquired by means of the phenomenon of “channeling” as one thing novel; nevertheless, the essence of what’s revealed is nothing new and is to be discovered within the religious teachings of all historic cultures. We admonish the novice to not deal with or speculate an excessive amount of upon what lies above within the cosmos. It actually doesn’t matter what or who lies “up there,” whether or not it’s “Ashtar,” “Kryon,” or the “Pleaidians,” or every other beings flitting round of their merkabah automobiles; what actually issues is what lies inside you. Take note of that, to the duty at hand. Enhance your character, your spirituality, your evolutionary standing, and your consciousness. Unfold unconditional love and compassion. Watch out for self-complacency and conceitedness, pondering that you understand all the things, or greater than others.

Step one of religious unfoldment is the purification of the decrease features of the microcosm of all psychical and bodily toxins, unfavorable energies, psychological complexes and fixations, karmic results, report, and reminiscence; and the transcendence of the false ego. Not solely ought to these undesirable energies be discarded or transmuted, the religious aspirant also needs to be vigilant that they now not be generated by the thoughts and feelings or attracted into the microcosmic force-field by establishing a degree of attraction by means of unfavorable pondering and feeling. Conversely, the aspirant ought to attempt to specific the divine qualities of the Spirit, reminiscent of compassion, tolerance, affection, magnificence, order, generosity, selflessness, and so on. In Patanjali’s Yogic philosophy these two steps are referred to as Yama and Niyama. They comprise the dos and the don’ts in spiritual ethical teachings.

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