Case Studies: Successful Display Packaging Campaigns

1. Coca-Cola’s “Share a Coke” Campaign:

Background: In 2011, Coca-Cola launched its “Share a Coke” campaign in Australia, which later expanded globally. The campaign aimed to create a more personal connection with consumers by replacing the Coca-Cola logo on bottles with popular names and terms like “Friend” and “Family.”

Display Packaging Strategy: Coca-Cola redesigned its Display Pack to feature over 150 of the most common names in each country, along with various terms like “Friend” and “BFF.” The personalized bottles and cans encouraged consumers to share Coca-Cola with friends and family, driving social engagement.

Results: The “Share a Coke” campaign became a massive success, leading to a significant increase in Coca-Cola’s sales and brand engagement. The campaign generated a 2% increase in Coca-Cola’s sales in the US, and over 500,000 photos were shared on social media with the #ShareACoke hashtag within the first year of the campaign’s launch.

2. Doritos’ “Roulette” Campaign:

Background: Doritos launched its “Roulette” campaign in Canada in 2014, introducing a limited edition variety pack of Doritos with mostly regular nacho cheese-flavored chips and a handful of extremely spicy chips mixed in.

Display Packaging Strategy: The packaging for Doritos Roulette featured bold red and black colors with a roulette wheel graphic, conveying the concept of taking a risk with each chip. The packaging included warnings about the spicy nature of the chips and encouraged consumers to share their reactions on social media.

Results: The Doritos Roulette campaign generated significant buzz and social media engagement, with consumers sharing videos of their reactions to the spicy chips online. The campaign led to a 12% increase in Doritos sales in Canada and won several advertising awards for its creativity and effectiveness.

3. Oreo’s “Wonder Vault” Campaign:

Background: In 2016, Oreo launched its “Wonder Vault” campaign in the US to promote the release of limited edition Oreo flavors, including Fruity Crisp and Cinnamon Bun.

Display Packaging Strategy: Oreo redesigned its packaging to resemble a mysterious “Wonder Vault” filled with secret Oreo flavors waiting to be discovered. The packaging featured whimsical illustrations and interactive elements, such as peel-and-reveal stickers, to engage consumers and create a sense of anticipation.

Results: The “Wonder Vault” campaign generated excitement and intrigue among consumers, driving sales of limited edition Oreo flavors and boosting overall brand engagement. The campaign received positive feedback from consumers and won several marketing awards for its innovative packaging design and storytelling.

These case studies demonstrate the power of effective display packaging campaigns in driving consumer engagement, increasing sales, and enhancing brand visibility and loyalty. By leveraging creative packaging design, interactive elements, and compelling storytelling, brands can create memorable experiences that resonate with consumers and drive business success.

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